A Problem With Amazon, and How They Fixed It


I have had problems with Amazon since I opened an account, and somehow they allowed me to inadvertently create a second account on the same e-mail address.

I wound up with two separate accounts attached to one e-mail.  I did not know this for a while.  I would go there and start going through my password list until I got one that worked.  I did not realize there were two until I started downloading books to my Kindle for PC and noticed that I was missing books I knew I had bought.

I called Amazon to find out where my books were and my customer service rep informed me they were in another account.  And he could not swap them over.  This was problematic in that I had the Kindle app in one account, and had joined Prime in the other.   The customer service rep informed me that I was unable to merge the two.  Oh, well.  I have books in both accounts, but at least I can read them.  As inconvenient as this in itself is, with Prime and Kindle separated the chance to borrow books is out the window, if the Kindle for PC app is eligible for borrowing.

And then today

I had had enough of it and called Amazon to ask for my Prime membership to be switched to the account my Kindle for PC is on.   The customer service rep told me that this was not possible because there had been no purchases made on the Kindle for PC account.  They had all been made on the other one.  UNLESS I canceled Prime with a prorated refund then rejoined on the other account for the full amount.  They could swap the Kindle for PC to the other account, but I would have to re-purchase all of my books.

After much explaining and making sure that anyone listening to the recorded conversation knew that I thought Amazon was doing me extremely dirty, was just out for my money and not trying to help me AT ALL, AND that they were the ones that allowed this to happen after all, the extremely nice man we were dealing with had me hold on while he made a call and got it straightened out.

The policy about this is a very bad one.  Everything I could find on this situation says that it is not supposed to be able to happen.  Only one account is allowed per e-mail.  I did not do this on purpose.  THEY allowed it.   They did, however, take a huge step toward remedying  their error tonight.

I am very grateful to their Customer Service rep as well as his Supervisor.  V E R Y grateful.  V E R Y, V E R Y, V E R Y grateful.

And I am again happy with Amazon.

The moral of this story is this:

I messed up by not keeping up with my account info.  THEY messed up by allowing me to create two accounts on one email address.  By my perseverance and making sure they were fully aware of my extreme displeasure with their company was my situation remedied to my satisfaction.

Amazon has its problems.  All companies do.  The important thing is that they were willing to admit it and try to remedy the issues caused by it.

Kudos to Amazon.  And to the Customer Service guys.  You are G R E A T!

Do you have a great customer service hero story like this?  How about a customer service horror story?   Leave a comment telling us about it.


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