Right and wrong, That is Just wrong

Come on, RAC. Are You Serious?

I recieved this email which I reprint with permission.

Distasteful Commercial by RAC

August 8, 2013
Dear Lisa

Rent-A-Center has joined other companies in tasteless advertising. Its latest commercial begins with a man and woman walking into their store wearing nothing (their fronts and backs are pixellated) but obvious they are both n*ked. The commercial ends with a n*de man lying on a sofa with one leg propped up exposing a pixellated cr*tch.

This isn’t a first for Rent-A-Center. Rent-A-Center is following a trend in crude commercials. Their last offensive commercial had a male wearing a pair of women’s th*ng p*nties peeking out over his daisy dukes while wearing a cropped tank top.

This ad is airing as early as 6:00 pm ET/5:00 pm CT when children are likely watching. It is airing on numerous networks including family channels. This ad is vile and disgusting; Rent-A-Center should be ashamed of themselves.

If you agree this commercial is inappropriate please send Rent-A-Center this email letter asking them to pull their pixellated ad immediately.
Let them hear from you even if you do not have a Rent-A-Center located near you to help put a stop to this trend that so many companies are following.

Take it one step further and give Rent-A-Center a call at 1-800-665-5510 for Customer Service or 1-800-422-8186 at their Headquarters.

Send Your Letter Now!

Sincerely,Monica Cole, Director

I do not watch TV, so have not seen it, but find it is beyond my comprehension how any company could possibly, by any stretch of the imagination perceive this as acceptable.

We have a son, now grown, so I certainly understand parents of smaller children being upset about this.  I am an adult, and I don’t want to see it.

I can not believe the things that are being found acceptable today.  I remember a time when simply distasteful was wrong.  Am I “Old School”?  Yep.  Does that bother me?  Not in the least.  This means that I have a sense of morals, that I know right from wrong and stand on this; this means that I do not sit by and  watch injustices saying, “I don’t want to get involved” or “It’s none of my business!”  or “It is o.k.  Everybody is doing it” or even “Well, they deserve it.  They are so nerdy!” or “They are just having some fun” like a person is a toy to be used as you desire then thrown away.

I believe in decency, modesty, and love. Respect your elders, defend America and family, and G-d.  And don’t you dare talk about Mama.  (Yeah, I’m southern, too.)  I believe like this song.

“Old School”:  THAT is the American way.  And has been since 1776.  No real American  would want to change it.  Ever.



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