Kudos, On the Law, Right and wrong

Iowa board votes to end ‘tele-med’ abortions used by rural women

Way to go, Iowa Board!

I completely agree. Yes, women in America have been given the legal right to kill and abort their unborn children if they don’t want to be pregnant. (No, it is not just a blob of flesh.  See?  AND, were you aware of the face that they actually kill the fetus first? If not, check out this and this, for the various methods used.)

Let me exercise my right to opine a moment.

Yes, Women have the right to have an abortion.

However!  An abortion

  • is not guaranteed to be easy to get.
  • it is not guaranteed to be as convenient as going to the neighborhood drug store.
  • It is not guaranteed to be paid for.

A woman in America is guaranteed the right to an abortion.

But, the way that I see it, if there is 1 (one) clinic/hospital in the entire country that performs abortions, every woman in America is having this right met.  IF she can get there, and IF she can afford it, she can have it done.

And if she can’t, she can’t.

Is life fair?  No.

Does everyone always get what they want?  No.

I am so blamed tired of having this smeared in my face.  And you have no idea how furious I am about having had to pay for them.  And when did choosing not to carry a child to term become a “reproductive health” issue?  I thought those were things like endometriosis and cervical cancer.

Here is the answer to most abortion cases:

Don’t have sex unless you are married.

Simple!  AND it works!!!!

And when did we, in this once so great country of ours, get to the point that murder is an o.k. form of birth control?

Kane Newborn - 04

The right to not be killed supersedes the right to not be pregnant.

If only their rights counted.


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