Right and wrong

Sooooooo, How Is This Right?

Christian Photographer Loses Gay Wedding Case 

And that is not the only instance:

Flower Shop Owner Sued for Refusing Gay Wedding 

Now, if they are not trying to stop the ceremonies, not doing anything to offend anyone, simply choosing not  to participate in a ceremony that  is offensive to their religious beliefs .

If I have a business, I will have to serve anyone that comes in the door.

I am a Christian.  I am not a Homophobe.  I do not hate homosexuals.  I have had good friends that were gay.  Did I accept their lifestyle?  No.  Did I approve of it?  No, I didn’t.  But I did accept the people, themselves.

All I ask is that they not rub it in my face, so to speak.

I truly fail to see how these lawsuits can possibly be right.  These business women have legitimate reasons for denying the gay couples service.  Whether others believe it or not, the Bible plainly states that homosexuality is wrong.  In fact, it is not just wrong, but severley hated; worse than a sin, an abomination.

Now, how can it be right to  demand that a Christian provide services that are going to place them squarely in the middle of a gay “marriage” ceremony?

Easy: It’s not.

Now the rights of Christians are being violated.

But, now, that one doesn’t seem to matter.



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