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The New Chrome Browser and Why I Stay With It

google chrome

google chrome (Photo credit: toprankonlinemarketing)

Somehow we were among those chosen (read “forced”) to try out a trial version of a new Google Chrome browser.  Let me start by stating that we have been using Chrome as our internet browser for several years now and we loved it.  Me in particular.  (They have absolutely the  cutest theme called Stitches

The pink and green at top look like linen fabric.  I love this theme!  Chrome, in general, is where my beef is.

They have just really messed it up.  if I accidentally closed a window full of tabs, (yes it is easy to do in Chrome and this is the only real fault I had with Chrome,) all I Used to have to do was open a new tab,  click “recently closed” on the bottom of the page and click on “28 tabs” (if that was the one I want reopened), and it would reopen.  If I had 9 windows full of tabs open and Chrome crashed, I could reopen them all.

Not so now.  I have the option to reopen up to only two windows.  I guess I should be grateful since we just got that much back.  Until today, reopening whole windows was not possible.

And they have a really good “parental control” feature which locks out whatever you tell it to.   It misses a picture every once in a while, but my browsing experience  is a whole lot better with it than without it.

Is Chrome perfect?  No, but neither is any other browser, so I guess I will stick with it for now.

And they have Stitches!


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