Just Grateful

On This, Thanksgiving Day

Give thanks unto the LORD; 
for he is

good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

 (Psalms 106:1)

And let’s remember all the survivors of all the storms lately.  We, that were not touched by any of them should be very grateful and make sure that we  thank Him for that, too.


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This Is Just Such A Good Thing I Had To Pass It On

Want To Make Your Woman Happy? This Certainly Will Do The Trick! A Must Read For All Young Men

I happened across a website today that made my heart sing.  I wish every man alive would go there and read every article on the site.   Here it is:

Here are their main categories

Another logo they have is “The Art of Manliness: Putting the Man back in Gentleman”.  Either way this certainly is an almost lost art.  And I, for one, miss it.  I am blessed that my husband could have written their blog and we raised our son this way, too.  They are True Southern Gentlemen.  I can not say the same for so many others, though.

Please share this link and have your sons, husbands, brothers, and friends link up with this site.  We can bring this lost art back, and the world will be better for it!