Just My Opines, That is Just wrong

I Just Don’t Get It

We are the parents of a grown son.  Thank goodness he’s grown!  Our parenting was probably considered quite strict, with me being the strictest. But:  I can not say enough how proud we are of our son.  He is one of the kindest, most generous,  self-sacrificing, all around best guys I know (Just like his father!).  He has never been in trouble and is always spot on to help elderly women with their groceries and buggies, small kids, etc.  His teachers, those worth having, loved him and many, many times have I been told how nice and polite he is.  It looks like our strictness pays off!

I would have the same kind of child if I were raising one today, though.  Why?  Certain things, music, movies, videos were not allowed in our home.  And still aren’t. We don’t miss them and neither did he.  (No, he did not mind at all being different.  He preferred it after seeing many friends involved with drugs, dead, in Juvie, or parents in their early teens.)

Miley Cyrus Twerking Obama and Putin

Miley Cyrus Twerking Obama and Putin (Photo credit: rtcosmin)

If I had a daughter, she certainly would not be listening to or watching that poor, messed up Cyrus child.  That girl need help!  And there is no way I would allow my daughter to emulate her.  Or several others.  Why would I want my child to dress and/or act like that, to have those opinions and think those behaviors are alright?  If you allow her to listen to/watch it, you tell her you approve of it. And  If you do, don’t be surprised if you wind up grandparents before in-laws.  And it may happen at a very early age.   “How early could they possibly think about sex?”, you may ask.  Get ready to be shocked.

Almost 2% of adolescents have had sex by the time they reach their 12th birthday.   That is about 2 out of every 100 kids.  Take any three sixth grade classes, and two of those kids either have had or are about to have sex.  SIXTH GRADE!!!!!  BEFORE THEY ARE OUT OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!  16%  have had sex by age 15, one-third of those aged 16 have, nearly half (48%) of those aged 17, 61% of 18-year-olds and 71% of 19-year-olds have had sex.[1]

Remember, if you allowed this in your home in the form of music and video, you told her it was alright.  And it may not be her choice.

Young girls go around boys acting like these singers, and the boy says, “you want it, o.k.”  Even if she says “No”, if she still started it, and he does, would that still be rape?  Being a tease is a dangerous thing.  Especially now.  (This is the truth whether you want to admit it or not so don’t leave nasty comments.  I won’t post them.)  Sex is for after and within a marriage.  Period.  Any other time is going to cause physical or emotional problems down the road.  However...It is sooo not fair to tell the boys that they can’t no matter what she does, and have the girls acting like sluts and hookers.  That is just wrong.  So wrong. And the games that the boys play have them rape and kill and do it for fun.   And we wonder why rape is on the rise?

And by no means are the girls the only ones we need to monitor what they watch and listen to.  I will not even start on the lyrics to some of these things.  I have trouble believing that these are allowed on the airwaves.  When stores refuse to sell an artists someones recorded garbage, that should be a real tip-off.  If it is labeled as “explicit” on Amazon or i-tunes, don’t let it in your house!  Your kids will get over it.  I promise.  Why would you want them to listen to encouragements to rape and kill?   And the same goes for video games.  Why let them play games where their character can go in and rape women , kill people, vandalize property, and steal things?  If you allow them to play this stuff, should you be surprised if they act it out?  Because if you watch the news you will see that they do!

It is absurd for people to think these games do not affect those that play them. They change their thoughts and behaviors.  Want proof?  That is how the military desensitize soldiers so they will be able to kill.  It’s the same principle at work in your home.

As parents we want our kids to turn out to be responsible, self-sufficient, nice adults, but if we send these mixed signals, what chance do they have?

If nobody else really cares about these kids, I want them to know that I do.  I want this to stop.

For the kids sakes.  And ours.

I’m just sayin’.


[1] Facts on American Teens’ Sexual and Reproductive Health


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