Abortions, Just FYI!

One Person CAN Make A Difference! Will You Be The One?

When Roe vs. Wade came up,  all the good people of this country said, “They’ll never legalize killing babies.”

So everyone sat back and did nothing.

Abortion is now not only legal, it is as easy to get as a box of Kleenex.  All the way up to minutes before birth.  This is when they partially deliver the baby, stab it in the back of the neck, and cut the spinal cord and/or crush his skull.  (Did you know that they have to kill the baby before the abortion!  This is a very painful procedure for the child.  Just sayin’.)

When  Madeleine Murray O’Hare (O’Hair) wanted prayer and Bible out of schools all the good people of this country said, “They’ll never take prayer or the Bible out of schools.”

So everyone sat back and did nothing.

Murray was known for her role in the landmark 1963 Supreme Court decision in Murray v. Curlett , which, combined with Abington v. Schempp, ended school prayer in public schools across the U.S. and turned her into the self-described “most hated woman in America.”[1]

Not only did they take the Bible out of schools, but out of government, and are attempting to take it out of our Churches as well.  (Christians have the least rights of any group in America today.)

Without the basics of “This is wrong, so you don’t do it” children grow up with no respect for themselves or others, no respect for life, and no respect for others property.

And look where we are now.

What issues rile you up?  What do you see or hear about that you and just know something could be done to fix it.  What do you “have a bee in your bonnet” about?

If one woman changed the nation with each of the issues above, you can change the issue that bothers you.

So, what are you doing about it?

Or will you sit back and do nothing?

[1] Who Was Madalyn Murray O’Hair?


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