Just Grateful, Just My Opines, Just The Way It Is

Why We Need Immigrant Workers

Because most people here will not do the work that they do:

The Washington Post: We’re running out of farm workers. Immigration reform won’t help.

The NY Times: Farmers strain to hire American workers in place of immigrant labor

CBS News: Few Americans take immigrants’ jobs 

Voice of America: US Farmers Depend on Illegal Immigrants

CNN Money: Farm workers: Take our jobs, please!

I live near many carpet mills.  There are also many recycling factories near by.  My husband was a machinist and went into these places to fix their breakdowns and saw the shops full of illegals.  Americans would fill these jobs, just not at the sub-min. pay the immigrants will work for.

HOWEVER,  I like fruits and veggies.  And but if no one already here will pick them…

So, what is the answer?  Easy!  If there is no other reason for them not to, let them work toward becoming citizens.  The children whose non-documented parents brought them here, they grew up here.  They went to school here.  Many of them serve in the U. S. military.  Why. On. Earth.  should they not become citizens.

A few more facts:

If a child is born on American soil, they are automatically an American Citizen with full rights and privileges.  It does not matter who or what their parents are, documented or non-documented immigrants, naturalized or born here citizens.  Many women struggle to get here to have their child for this reason.   The child then gets all kinds of financial aid and medical care.   There is big business in providing illegal immigrants with the birth.

The down side: My husband became unable to work  and I had to stay home with him, preventing me from working.  I later became disabled, but because I had not worked in so long am unable to get any medicare, Medicaid, or any thing else of this kind.  We are not eligible for any financial help of any kind.  He draws too much SS.

Yet undocumented immigrants get it because they had a child born on American soil.

This needs fixed.  It surely does, yet it does not negate our need for immigrant workers.  Also, think of the increased funds if they became tax (income) paying citizens!

This is an ongoing issue that would be so simple to fix if only politics were not involved.

But, alas, they are, so
Round and round and round we go.  

Seasons come and seasons go.  

The issues they will never change.

The problems come like falling rain.


Look to the left and to the right.

Nowhere is there hope in sight.

Yet in this tiny book I spy

The answer to my question, “Why?”


The whole book round this one fact stands

He took those nails in His feet and hands.

For me He did this, but for you too

Just His way to show, “I love you!”


And in return all He’ll require

Is let loving others be your desire

And  in Heavens Banks there’ll be

All we need, both you and me.


For all He’s done then and to come

In your life, is He #1?


If not, then He should be!


Is He #1?

A poem by Lisa Whitehead Ritchey

© Lisa Ritchey 2014



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