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In Rememberance of Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Fraenkel and some Hobby Lobby Truths

Today our hearts go out to the families, communities, and nation of the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped by the Palestinians and killed.  This is so tragic, and so low down for the Hamas militant group that did it. The three teen-aged boys are Nineteen year old Eyal Yifrah Sixteen year old Gilad Shaar and Sixteen year old Naftali Fraenkel who, incidentally, has a dual Israeli-American citizenship.   HE WAS AN AMERICAN!!!!

Now let’s see if this administration continues to support Palestine  and the Hamas.  Remember that the two have formed a unified government.

Shalom Jerusalem.  Shalom.



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I am hesitant to include the following with the above sentiments, but need to get something straight, once and for all.

WHY is everyone so upset with Hobby Lobby?  

Answer: Because they are 1) Horribly misinformed or 2) They are looking to over-dramatize things by MISquoting or stating wrong facts. How do I know?

  1.  My son used to work there and I used to shop there every chance I got.  This is what is known as inside information.
    •  Are they really a Christian based and run business?
      • You betcha!  On Christmas Day and Resurrection Sunday watch for their full-page ad in the news papers. And they strictly Christian music in the stores.  I believe with everything in me that they truly are.
    • Are the people who run the stores and make their business decisions perfect?
      • Nope.  They are just as human as you and I are, but I believe they truly try to uphold their beliefs in their lives and their business dealings, too.
    • Is everyone that works there Christian?
      • FAR from it.  My son was fired and the circumstances around it smelled like the dam with the flood gates open (many, many, many dead fish).  He was devastated.   It took me a long time to forgive them for that one.  In fact, I, apparently, am not over it yet.  Let’s just say I am glad there is a Michael’s near by.  Anyways….
  2. Hobby Lobby wants to get out of supplying birth control for its employees.
    • This is big lie #1.  Hobby Lobby has never had a problem with contraception: Birth control pills, foams, condoms, cups, etc., etc., etc.
    • Of the 20 different “birth controls” available to them, Hobby Lobby is perfectly willing to pay for 16 of them.  These are the ones that prevent a sperm and an egg from joining.  THIS is birth control the way it should be done.
    • The only four that Hobby Lobby has an issue with providing are the abortifacient contraceptives – those that cause an abortion (interruption of pregnancy): IUDs, morning after pills, surgical and/ or chemical abortions.

  “The fact is, however, Hobby Lobby, which employs 25,000 people, already covers and will continue to cover 16 out of the 20 FDA-approved contraceptives mandated by HHS. The only four forms of contraception not covered are the four which the government itself concedes can act to prevent implantation“. via Why does the federal government want to control contraceptive choices? |

3. Medical studies have shown that abortion is almost never – if ever – necessary to save the mother’s life*.  It is, therefore done for the mother’s convenience or pride.  Wow.

I must say that I am so thrilled with this decision by the Supreme Court of the United States on this matter.  For once Christians get a break!

*Students for Life of Illinois


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