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The Numbers On Why We Stand Guarded re. Muslims, And An Appology To Them

WOW!!!!!  This literally says it all.  Watch this 4:51 minute video here

How does she know? Brigitte Gabriel is one of the world’s leading specialists on terrorism and Founder, President, and CEO of Act! America .

You can read her extensive credentials at Act America: About Our Speakers

The followers of Christ are to love all, especially our enemies.  The Quran says to kill all that do not follow your faith.  Not all follow either teaching, but that is one of the fundamental differences in the teachings.  Of course, Jesus is alive, the Son of G-d, and died for our sins.  NO body else ever has, can, or will be able to say that.  NO ONE.  (THIS is what sets Christianity apart from all other faiths.  And yes, I know it is true.  I know Him well!)

Bless Brigitte Gabriel and for these truths.

I hope the peaceful, good, kind Muslims see this and understand:  It is not them, but how do we know?

The few bad apples have left a very bad taste in our mouths for the whole barrel.  For this, I truly am sorry, but we are not to blame.


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