Because it's just the right thing to do, Just FYI!

How do we stop mass shootings? Here is how!

The Basics:

This hospital in PA has a no gun policy except for police.  A patient walked in, goes to the Psychiatric unit, opened a doctors door, started yelling, and there were shots fired.  The man shot the doctor, but the doctor shot back.  Because this doctor was armed numerous lives were saved.

More details:

“The hospital has a policy barring anyone except on-duty law enforcement officers from carrying a weapon anywhere on its campus, a spokeswoman for the Mercy Health System said.

But Yeadon Police Chief Donald Molineux said that “without a doubt, I believe the doctor saved lives.

“Without that firearm, this guy the patient could have went out in the hallway and just walked down the offices until he ran out of ammunition,” the chief said.”

via Doctor fired back at gunman in hospital attack – Yahoo News.

As long as there are weapons of any type available, the bad people in this world will use them to hurt, rob,  and/or kill people.

Many do not want to hear it but the best, proven way to reduce violent crime is to arm everyone.  

Look at Kennesaw, Georgia.

Georgia town not alone in using gun law as ‘deterrent’

Detroit Police Chief James Craig: Armed Citizens Are Helping …

Georgia town not alone in using gun law as ‘deterrent’

Taking the citizenry’s defenses away only increases crime.

The numbers prove this.

And, numbers don’t lie.

Empowering the good people is done through armament.  One in the right hands is all it takes, so let’s stop the mass shootings by arming more people.

It is time to stop day dreaming and face the facts.

Then to act on them.  Just like Kennesaw did.

Our prayers are with the family of 53 year old Theresa Hunt, a caseworker killed Thursday afternoon at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital.  Ms. Hunt had accompanied the shooter to the hospital for his doctors appointment.


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