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In The World Today 8/17/2014


Dramatic rescue as Iraqis flee ISIS fighters

Watch video here.

PLEASE pray for the safe rescue of these Christian brethren from the ISIS (ISIL)Terrorists .  They are literally running for their lives. Why?  Because they are not Muslim, and because they are Christians.  



The U. S. mourns the loss of a leader.  And he is disrespected by those he served.

 U. S. Major General Harold Greene was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery last week.

greene2“Major General Harold Greene was the highest ranking soldier killed in combat since the Vietnam war.  He was shot and killed in Afghanistan on August 5.”

“In 1970, President Richard M. Nixon attended Major General John A.B. Dillard, who was killed in Vietnam. In 2001, President George W. Bush attended the funeral of Lieutenant General Timothy J. Maude, who died in the Sept. 11 attacks.”

This is as it should be.

For Major General Harold Greene’s funeral, not in attendance was The Vice President or Secretary of Defense.

And Obama?


“Disgusting. Shame on you, Mr. President”

A-men Mr. Gehl.  AAAA-men!
Our thoughts and prayers are with Major General Greene’s family and friends.
Major General Greene, Thank you for your service and your sacrafice.  You laid it all down for your country.
If only her leaders would put themselves out a bit for her.
BUT, those are just my opines.



Quotes in Obama story above from Obama Too Busy Golfing To Attend Funeral For Fallen General  by Robert Gehl on

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