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In The World Today 8/23/2014

I have had most of this written for several days and was very hesitant to post it, but I feel like now is the appropriate time to say something about the Ferguson shooting.

First and foremost I want to tell all those involved that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

The facts are still coming in, so no definites about the shooting are known yet.

Now, here are the facts as I know them on the situation:

A. Michael Brown

  •  We know Michael Brown was a bully and a criminal.
    •  I am sorry, but it is true.  Surveillance video  and the store clerk account prove this.
    • This means that he was not a nice person, aka he was plain old  mean.
    • Michael Brown had no police record.
      • This does not mean that he had never broken the law, only that he had not been caught if he had.
  • Michael Brown was a very large man at 6 ft. 4 in. and 300+ pounds.
    • It would not take much for his actions to be interpreted as aggressive, even if he was not actively trying to head-butt the police officer.
  • Michael Brown had already assaulted the officer while he was still in his patrol car.  And had also tried to get his gun!
  • Michael Brownwas unarmed, but Officer Wilson did not know that.
    • Officer Wilson did not see a weapon, but that did not mean that there was not a knife or gun somewhere on Michael’s person.

B. Officer Darren Wilson

  • Officer Wilson is a decorated 6 year veteran of the Police Force.
  • He has never had any disciplinary action taken against him.
  • There has never been any instances nor indications of racial profiling or racism with Officer Wilson.
  • By all accounts, Officer Wilson is a good, honest, hardworking man who is truly serving the community as an officer of the law.


Looking at the knowns of the case, looking at the different witness’s reports, and looking at it from the police man’s perspective, which is how the Supreme Court said is how it should be done, if Brown did in fact assault and try to attack Officer Wilson, I can understand his shooting him.  Why did Officer Wilson not “tase” him?   There could have been any number of reasons.  Maybe he felt so threatened he believed that he could not afford to take the chance and this man not stop.  Maybe he did not have time to reset the taser to the higher voltage that it would have taken to stop a man of Brown’s size.  I just don’t know.  But, neither do you.


This is what upsets, confuses, and angers so many not of the black community.

  • WHY are so many members of the black community of Ferguson destroying their own city?
  • WHY are they hurting themselves, their cause, and their community by acting this way?
  • WHY do the members of the black community never say a word when a black man shoots another black man?
  • WHY do they scream “Justice for ___________” (fill in the blank with the name of the black man shot by a white man), and start demanding justice for the slain person even before they know if he brought the shooting on.
  • WHY is this happening so often  in so many communities around the country: Exact same scenes, just different cities.

Whenever a life is lost it is a tragedy.  It does not matter how mean or low-down the person was,  if they were the nicest person in town, nor does it matter if  their skin color is red, yellow, blue, black, green, or white.  They more than likely left a mother, a father, a brother, sister, wife, someone who will mourn them.

I am terribly sorry for everyone involved in this situation, when and wherever it happens.


1. I know it is hard to remember the dead’s faults, but to call Michael Brown “a gentle giant”, as done during his funeral… Perhaps that is what his family saw, but the people he strong armed and assaulted in the store he robbed saw an entirely different person.  As did Office Wilson who, according to some reports, he assaulted while still in his patrol car, grabbed for his gun, and tried to head-butt Officer Wilson, who eventually shot him.

My question here, as the parent of just an exceptional grown man, is why did he think it was alright for him to steal and abuse other people?  What did his parents teach him as he was growing up?  I know many will disagree with me on this being a cause of later behavior, but what movies did he watch and what video games did he play?  Did they portray characters that go around stealing, killing, rapeing (intentional misspelling so you will know I mean rape and not rap) the other characters?  Then what do you expect?  If this is how the military desensitize  soldiers so they will kill without hesitating, why on earth would any parent want their children to be like that?  Yet they have no problem buying 8 and 9 year old children these games even though they are clearly marked “M” for mature audiences.  In case anyone does not understand, that means it is for adults only, not also.

2. To the people of Ferguson, rioting and looting is not the way to fix anything.  Destroying your city is not the answer!!!!!

We all want justice done.  To the black community of Ferguson demanding justice for Michael Brown:  Why not just justice?  What if plain justice proves Michael was attacking Officer Wilson and that Officer Wilson was in the right in using deadly force to stop a perpetrator that was not resisting arrest, but actually intending physical harm to him?  Will you still accept justice then?

In past incidents, the answer was no.

I hate to say it, but I see a lot of bigotry here, but it is on the side of the black community who says that the police profile them.  Could your actions in Chattanooga, TN, Sanford, Florida and Ferguson, Missouri among others, have anything to do with it?  What would happen if you were to peacefully protest?  NOT tear up the city?  Actually wait for all the details?  What would happen then?

To the people of Ferguson, Missouri, I am so sorry that this happened.  I am not saying to sit idly by and do nothing, BUT the way that you are behaving is not the answer.  It will help no one and do no good.  Please stop it!  Take a clue from Jesse Jackson.  He saw nothing there that warranted his being there, so he left.  Al Sharpton and the others still there antagonizing this situation are there for the wrong reasons.  PLEASE stop listening to them.  And PLEASE stop tearing up your beautiful city and stealing from innocent business owners.  This only adds fuel to the flames for those that are against you.

I truly do not understand this mindset!  One thing I do understand, though: Prayer changes things.  Perhaps that would be a more productive thing to do.

I am praying for the truth to come out, either way, and peace to Ferguson, Missouri.  And may it happen soon.

But, those are just my opines.


DISCLAIMER:  Lest anyone say that I am racist, don’t know what I am talking about, or some other such nonsense, let me assure you that I do.  I lived in Chattanooga during the race riots there, and remember them vividly.  It was horrible and horrifying.

I have absolutely nothing against blacks as a race.  I have always had very dear friends that were of color.  I would have dated a man of color had there not been others in my family that would have had a fit.

Let me just add that if anyone is against biracial marriages stating Biblical causes, you are so far off of the mark:

  • When G-d said that we were to not mix “kind” (, he meant species, not human race.  If he had meant different nationalities or what we call races, He would have used the word “ethnos”.
  • When He said not to be unequally yoked, he meant a believer in Christ with a non-believer.
  • When He told the Israelites not to marry outside their Kingdom, it was so they would not be pulled away from their beliefs.  It had absolutely nothing to do with skin color.
  • It is so sad, but I believe there will be people who are so shocked that in Heaven there are not separate sections for blacks, whites, Jews, or Baptists, Pentecostals, Catholics.  There are some whole denominations that I question their getting to stay because of their beliefs being so far from the Word.  Only He knows that, though!
  • Moses, whom G-d chose to deliver the Israelis from Egyptian slavery, and was a great prophet of G-d, married Zipporah, who was Ethiopian.  The Ethiopians are a beautiful people with extremely dark skin.  And G-d did not mind one little bit.  In fact, when Merriam, Moses’ sister, did not like her, and spoke against Moses because of her, Merriam was struck with leprosy.  Sounds like G-d did not like that at all.  Merriam speaking against Moses, not Moses marrying “outside his race”.

I think I have proven my point:  Bigoted?  ME?  No way!  So don’t even go there with me!



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