In the world today 9/1/2014. Sometimes 2 + 2 just = 4.

PLEASE take 2 minutes to watch this video.  This was done in the U.K.  Yes, ENGLAND!  I am not sure how current, but it is definitely still relevant.

I knew that in England there are two courts: one for regular Brits, and a separate one for Muslims.

I did not realize that England was this bowed to the Muslims, though.

Sounds like what obama wants for the U. S.   Is it possible he is no longer working for the American people at all, but for the radical Islamist agendas?

Other countries have a plan and alerts for ISIS attacks in their countries, yet obama has no plan at all.  And America and Israel are their top two enemies.
I had not thought of it like this:

England is going through it and soon America will be in this same struggle… Do You Know How Many Muslim’s live in America? OVER 5,000,000 MILLION ….. And rule of thumb is that 10% are radical… Equaling … 500,000 … that’s Half a Million… 5% would 1/4 of Million … 250,000 … 2 1/2% would be 125,000 that would be a considerable radical group at 2 1/2% …. 1% would be 100,000.. that’s a pretty large possilbe terrorist group wouldn’t you say? …. JUST THINK WHAT 19 DID ARMED ONLY WITH BOX CUTTERS ON 9/11/01 .. AND 2 BROTHERS DID WITH A PRESSURE COOKER IN THE BOSTON MARATHON….  Originally posted by Avis Hill on Facebook

I have one question for you now:  Did you vote for obama, and if so do you still support him?


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