I had no idea!

Today, September 12, 2014. How to Make A Terrorist

The more I learn of the true Muslim faith, the less I see that would make me want to have any part of it!  Religion of peace and love?  And this is how they treat their children?? In school!!!!????  AND THEY ARE NOT EVEN THEIR CHILDREN, BUT THOSE PLACED IN THEIR CARE TO LEARN FROM THEM!

People, THIS is sharia law.  THIS  is the truth of it.

Sadly, I now understand , like Pamela Geeller who wrote the article these were taken from, why the terrorists turn into terrorists with no sense of compassion, humanity, basic decency and only have feelings of hate and revenge.  Treat your kids like this, and what do you expect????????



– See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/09/video-muslim-school-punishment-gruesome.html/#sthash.NhXYUo6y.dpuf


After seeing that, you want in?  Yeah, me neither.

In Christianity we believe that Jesus loves you so much that He came to this Earth, took on your sins, and died so that you could live with Him forever in Heaven.  We have a G-d that loves His children.  He protects, heals, provides for, absolutely spoils them.  And all He asks is that you love Him and everyone else.  Win them with His love!  Our children are chastised, but know they are loved, secure, safe.  They are to n e v e r  be abused or injured.  Cause, folks, that ain’t love!

In all faiths there are those that do not follow it to the letter.  To the Muslims that do not do these things or follow sharia law, thank you!

Yeah.  I’ll follow my glorious, Wonderful, loving Heavenly Father, thank you very much!

Not really much of an argument on this front now, is there?

As always, these are just my opines, as horrible as this is.

All choices to be made re. faiths to follow are up to the individual readers.

Be blessed!



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