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On This Day In The World, November 24, 2014: A prayer for our nation- updated

Monday November 24, 2014

I sit here on my couch this morning at times literally holding my breath and wondering what shape our great nation will be in tonight.  Or Tuesday morning, or Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  As the Grand Jury verdict looms near in the Officer Wilson/Michael Brown shooting case in Ferguson, Missouri I read about those in the black community that are gearing up “…for vigils and protests in at least two dozen cities no matter what decision is announced” according to Al Sharpton of the National Action Network.  WHAT????  “No matter what decision is announced”?  Are they serious????

I certainly understand protesting an injustice (when one has been committed, which I do not believe one was in this situation).  I firmly believe in our right to gather and let our voices be heard. HOWEVER what many in the black community are doing is nothing short of looking for an opportunity to stir up racial discord and trouble.

I respect those that will peacefully protest the verdict.  They are well within their rights.  There will be many, though, that will use this opportunity to rape and pillage their very own communities.  Yes, just like in the medieval  days.  These thugs and hoodlums are not one bit better than that.  In fact, they are just plain evil.  At least the olden warriors were conquering foreign lands.  These jerks are destroying their own cities!

I recently read an article titled OLD BLACK VET SPEAKS OUT, DYING WITH CANCER on a friend’s fb page. I have no idea who wrote it.  It has always been signed by anonymous.  I don’t know if they were white, black, brown, yellow, red, orange, or green.  I do know that it started going the online rounds in 2004 and has shown up numerous places and with various edits such as victim and city names since then.  And now is one of those times.  I did not write it but I do agree.  The article blasts the rioters and the “race riots” we have over a black being killed by a white when numerous more blacks are killed by blacks, and numerous more whites are killed by blacks.  But nothing is said about that.  The author states that many of these young black men shot by whites, but by no means all, are thugs, have long criminal records, or are criminals and just haven’t gotten caught yet, and so often bring it on themselves.  He also states that when certain “Civil Rights leaders” (aka Al Sharpton) visit the black community they then get in an uproar with many of them acting like uncivilized barbarians destroying their own communities.

Let me preface this by stating that there is not one bigoted, racist bone in my body.  I have always had very close, very dear friends of African Heritage.  I was a sub for years.  I have 1,200 kids.  MANY of them are Black, Brown, Negro, of African Heritage, whichever you choose.  They know I love them, dearly.  So for me, this has nothing to do with color, but everything to do with choices and behaviors.

When I was a sub, I used a sentence they had to write if they gave me grief:

“I must learn to control my behavior in such a way as to showing respect to myself, my peers, those in authority over me, and everyone and everything else at all times as is befitting a ________ grade student- since my behavior is a direct result of the choices that I make, and I, and I alone, am responsible for the choices I make this means that I and I alone am responsible for my behavior and I can and must choose it appropriately.”

My sentence went on and on and on in this vein.  To write it one time took sixteen lines.  MOST of the kids had rather behave than have 50 of those babies to write overnight.  Notice I said, “MOST”.  There are always those few.  The same with the Ferguson situation.  Most of the people are good, hardworking souls upset about a situation.  They have been grossly misled, but are good people.

I am terribly sorry that this whole situation happened.  I pray for all involved.  But the facts are the facts.  I only ask that everyone everywhere look at  the facts before acting.

  • This case should have nothing to do with the color of anyone’s skin.  Reverse the colors, would it make any difference?  If so, why?  Yet people are making it purely a racial thing.
  • Even if Ferguson’s Police Department is bigoted, Michael Brown was still a thief, a thug, a bully, and an illegal drug user.
  • Michael Brown brought this on by his earlier behavior when he attacked Officer Wilson in his squad car.
  • Officer Wilson had already had round one with the guy, and when he saw round two about to start, feared for his safety.
  • The above fact makes this “a righteous shoot”.  I can not fathom anybody not responding in the same manner Officer Wilson did when faced with a 6′ 3” 300+ lb. man who had already attacked once and was aggressively advancing toward them again.
  • A taser would not have been the weapon of choice. Officer Wilson already knew Michael Brown intended to do him personal bodily harm, if not kill him.  Michael Brown had to be stopped. If he had missed with a taser, he would have  been screwed!
  • S T O P  MAKING MICHAEL BROWN OUT TO BE A GOOD LITTLE BOY-NEXT-DOOR!  He wasn’t!  The store video proves that.
  • Officer Wilson is a well-trained officer of the Law, and a human.  When faced with the threat of personal harm, he defended himself.
  • Even if the prosecutors are bigots, they are not the ones handing down the verdict, the Grand Jury is.

I pray for our nation today, that we still stand great and even more as one tomorrow, and not ripped apart by bigotry and the hatred of a few who have been given a voice.

Again, it has  n o t h i n g  to do with color, but everything to do with people’s choices and behaviors.

May Justice truly be served, even if it goes against Michael Brown, and may it be accepted as the truth by all.

As always,



Just to prove my case that it is not about Michael Brown getting shot while unarmed, it is about a white man shooting a black man, did you notice that no one said one single word about the black officer shooting a 12-year-old in Cleveland when the child pulled a toy gun while in a rec center full of kids.

And isn’t that sad.  Be it said that the race of the child was not told.  Nevertheless…

I wonder what would be said if it had been a white cop?

*Said with my head shaking sadly*

Just sayin’,


UPDATE: The verdict was just announced- Ferguson, MO: Michael Brown shooting: Officer Wilson found not guilty on all charges, no indictment given.  Michael Brown charged officer Wilson who felt threatened and it was agreed that lethal force was justified.  Evidence contradicted witnesses stating he was running away, so physical evidence weighed more heavily in judgment than witnesses.  Many witnesses changed story when heard physical evidence.


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