Just Grateful, Thank You's

This Thanksgiving

Please remember and pray for those that give so much for us.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.  Daily.  But on this, Thanksgiving Day, let me take this opportunity to tell all of our troops stationed everywhere, “Thank You!”   Thank you!!!!


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Come One, Come All: Ring those bells of freedom!

Recently a woman wrote in to Dear Abby with a request of our nation.  She said that she was a Whitehouse Aid during the Kennedy administration.  The then-president made a proclimation that has fallen by the wayside.  Here is some of what she wrote:

“On July 4, 1963, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed the ringing of bells nationwide with the words, “Let’s ring freedom bells!” I was a White House aide then, and I vividly recall how exciting it was when bells rang across the nation coast to coast. Since then, many Americans have forgotten to keep the tradition going. Let’s start again!

From one American to another, I ask all citizens to help me revive the ringing of bells at 2 p.m. this July Fourth in celebration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It’s easy. Ring a bell, shake your keys, tap a glass or find a bell-ringing app on your smartphone. It will give our country a much-needed sense of unity and connection to our past as one nation, one people.The Ironworkers, Sheet Metal Workers and Firefighters International Unions of the AFL-CIO, The National Cartoonists Society and Malmark Inc. have joined with No Greater Love in this special celebration of our freedom and the guardians who protect us — our troops, firefighters and police.
Please, Abby, make your millions of readers aware of this effort. As inscribed on the Liberty Bell, “Let us proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” — CARMELLA LASPADA, FOUNDER, NO GREATER LOVE
DEAR CARMELLA: I’m glad to help. I agree that shared traditions are the glue that binds us together as a nation. So readers, on July Fourth, take a moment to quietly reflect on what this holiday is all about. Then make a joyful noise and thank God for his blessings on our country and the freedoms we enjoy today. That’s the American spirit!”
originally published 6/30/2014 on  yahoo!
Abby, I totally agree:
One for all and all for one!
Let freedom ring.
I’m in!  How about you?
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Grace for the Imperfect Mama – by Author and Blogger, Jenni Mullinix

I originally posted this at BareBonesGospel.com but felt it could help someone here, also.  Here goes!

I am the mother of a 26-year-old man.  He is an amazing person: Kind, generous, fun, funny, compassionate, polite, L O V E S  to fish – for fish and souls, he loves the L–d and serves Him well, defends the defenseless, & takes up for “the little guy”.  (He is 6 ft. 5 in. and 320 lbs.  I call him an oak tree on two trunks.  Oh, if only he had stayed with football!  He was  a sight on the soccer field, though!) He is just about everything a mother could hope that their child could be – he is a true Southern Gentleman, just a Good Ol’ Boy (aka ORIGINAL Redneck).  I have his teachers continually tell me what a great kid he was, even those that did not have him in class but just knew him from around school.  They all literally gush over him.  This always just makes my heart sing!  I am so proud of the man he has turned out to be.

This did not happen by accident.  I was not his friend.  We live in the South and I am his M O T H E R!  That means that I told him no, told him yes, told him maybe, told him “we’ll see”, kissed his boo boos, helped with homework, cheered at his ball games, volunteered in his public school classes and was a substitute teacher in his elementary and Junior high school. (I actually have 1,200 kids.  Just ask them!) We also disciplined him.  We took him to Church.  We love him.  I was everything I could be to and for him, as was his dad.  However, we saw to it he turned out well.  It was not an accident, and a friend can not raise a good adult.  No, you are not raising a child, you are raising up an adult and what you do today will determine how they turn out ten, twenty years down the road.

For those who have children that are having a hard time and you just want things to be easy for them?  Jared is allergic to pertussis vaccine and had a severe reaction.  He stopped breathing eight (yes, 8) times before we could get him to the hospital.  I was a nurse, so that helped.  Some.  He is a Near-Miss-SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) child.  He had to wear an apnea monitor when he was asleep.  And he had to wear it for five years.  The medical equipment company nor the insurance company had ever had anyone on one that long.  He was also the first baby that Memorial Hospital had in their sleep study lab.  It was rough, let me tell you.  On top of that, he had hypogammaglobulinemia.  He had no immune system.  Yep, just like the boy in the bubble.  This meant fevers of 105 -106 with just a cold, a 24 hour stomach bug that lasted a week, chicken pox   F O U R    T I M E S.  This went on for three and  a half years with the doctor telling me there was no way he would live.  Why did he live?  I had read my Bible and kept telling the dr., “I read the Book.  I have a good G_d and He will not do that to me.  My son will not die!”  Those in the “Faith circles” call this a confession.  For those that don’t believe in that, I was doing what Mark 11:22-24 tell us to do.  And it worked!

And did I mention that Jared had a learning disability?  It is called Grapho-Motor Deficit:  He had no feeling in the end of his fingers so it was very difficult for him to write.  He did not need to be pampered.  He needed Parents.  And he got them!  Yes, we modified his school work to decrease the writing, and he did have an I. E. P., but he still had to do his work.

Not only did Jared live, and not only did he graduate high school, but he did it with honors.  IN MATH!!!! He graduated with dual prep (classes necessary to go to community college and those necessary to go to a four-year university) and with numerous Geometry awards.  AND was in the top 9% of all graduating Georgia students in math on the states graduation test. This is a literal impossibility for someone with Grapho-Motor Deficit!  I love that word, “impossible”.  That is like a dare to G-d.  (Yep,  I have a huge smile on my face right now!)

Yeah, he turned out A O K!

And yet, even with all of this under my belt, as it were, until I read this  article I still would wonder, “Was I a  good  enough  mother?”  I made so many mistakes!   I know I did a lot, but could I have done more?  Was it enough?

This article nails it.  I follow Jenni at her blog Jenni Mullinax: Live Called For The Glory of G-d.  You might want to, also.

And to those that are totally overwhelmed?  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  Read on.

Lisa Kay 


Originally posted on Jenni Mullinax:

What Less-Than-Perfect Moms Need Most

As a single woman and a newlywed, I had grand ideas of what motherhood would look like. My children were never going to watch television during the day. I was going to be cool, calm and collected in the midst of trying times. The house would stay clean. I would serve nutritious meals every night. And my children would never throw fits, especially in public. I was a perfect parent before becoming a mother.imperfect mamaFast forward a few years and you will find me as the mother of an infant and toddler sometimes wondering how I’m going to make it through this crazy, beautiful thing called motherhood. There are dark days caused by a lack of sleep, toddler tantrums and other stresses that bring me to the end of myself. During these difficult moments the question that all mothers wonder lurks in the back of my mind… Am I enough? …

Continue reading here

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Why We Need Immigrant Workers

Because most people here will not do the work that they do:

The Washington Post: We’re running out of farm workers. Immigration reform won’t help.

The NY Times: Farmers strain to hire American workers in place of immigrant labor

CBS News: Few Americans take immigrants’ jobs 

Voice of America: US Farmers Depend on Illegal Immigrants

CNN Money: Farm workers: Take our jobs, please!

I live near many carpet mills.  There are also many recycling factories near by.  My husband was a machinist and went into these places to fix their breakdowns and saw the shops full of illegals.  Americans would fill these jobs, just not at the sub-min. pay the immigrants will work for.

HOWEVER,  I like fruits and veggies.  And but if no one already here will pick them…

So, what is the answer?  Easy!  If there is no other reason for them not to, let them work toward becoming citizens.  The children whose non-documented parents brought them here, they grew up here.  They went to school here.  Many of them serve in the U. S. military.  Why. On. Earth.  should they not become citizens.

A few more facts:

If a child is born on American soil, they are automatically an American Citizen with full rights and privileges.  It does not matter who or what their parents are, documented or non-documented immigrants, naturalized or born here citizens.  Many women struggle to get here to have their child for this reason.   The child then gets all kinds of financial aid and medical care.   There is big business in providing illegal immigrants with the birth.

The down side: My husband became unable to work  and I had to stay home with him, preventing me from working.  I later became disabled, but because I had not worked in so long am unable to get any medicare, Medicaid, or any thing else of this kind.  We are not eligible for any financial help of any kind.  He draws too much SS.

Yet undocumented immigrants get it because they had a child born on American soil.

This needs fixed.  It surely does, yet it does not negate our need for immigrant workers.  Also, think of the increased funds if they became tax (income) paying citizens!

This is an ongoing issue that would be so simple to fix if only politics were not involved.

But, alas, they are, so
Round and round and round we go.  

Seasons come and seasons go.  

The issues they will never change.

The problems come like falling rain.


Look to the left and to the right.

Nowhere is there hope in sight.

Yet in this tiny book I spy

The answer to my question, “Why?”


The whole book round this one fact stands

He took those nails in His feet and hands.

For me He did this, but for you too

Just His way to show, “I love you!”


And in return all He’ll require

Is let loving others be your desire

And  in Heavens Banks there’ll be

All we need, both you and me.


For all He’s done then and to come

In your life, is He #1?


If not, then He should be!


Is He #1?

A poem by Lisa Whitehead Ritchey

© Lisa Ritchey 2014


Just Grateful, This Is Just Such A Good Thing I Had To Pass It On

Happy New Year

2013 is over and 2014 is still a blank canvas. To quote a song I believe he wrote

December 29, 2013 fb status update by Ken Hartley
I forget what is behind and press on to what’s ahead. What is done is done, what’s been said has been said. With my past under the blood, and by Your Spirit led, I forget what is behind and press on to what’s ahead.

Thanks again, Ken. This so ministered to me as I know it will countless others.

To all who read this: May the peace of Christ fill your home and life that others may come to know Him and may 2014 see all of your dreams come true.

Keeping Christ #1 and just watching to see what all He’ll do.


Happy Peaceful Year to all World!